Wednesday, March 26

Look what i found!

Here we are almost ready to go to MEXICO! I am so ready for the warm weather. We leave on Saturday and I am so excited!

This last week has been awesome! My brother Matt got home on Thursday and it was so much fun to see him again after 2 years. He looks great and has already gotten a lot accomplished in just under a week! He already bought a car, got a cell phone and is probably getting a job tomorrow! He is such a go-getter. So, please, let me explain these pictures for you. My family is a little crazy sometimes....well, most of the time! We are in public and we don't even care...I Love it! My brother in law John grew a real mustache and dressed like a Sherriff. He is so funny. Anyway-he brought a package of fake ones for all the boys to wear but us girls wanted to join in on the fun...and don't forget the babies!

Here are my cute mom and dad! They were so excited!

This is my pregnant sister kelli (with twins might i add), her husband John & their little one, Ella

Here he comes! He is the one on the left...look at that smile!!!!!

Here I am with him...SO FUN

Can you spot the real mustache?
Ok-so to say the least, we had fun! I am so happy to have my brother home!


Unknown said...

Traci- Seeing those pictures makes me feel like I was there! Thank you for posting them! You look like you all had so much fun. Addi say's you are all coo-coo!
Have fun in mexico you bum!

Amy said...

Your family is so hilarious!!! I love you guys.

Marleen said...

Your family sounds like mine. Kelli doesn't even look like she is prego in that picture. Are you guys sure she's having twins? It's so fun to have a missionary come home.

briggsbunch said...

Cute pictures Traci! Have fun in Mexico!!!

Vicki said...

What fun to see pics of Matt and the rest of your family. Our family will miss his homecoming since we will be in Vegas for Ava's baby blessing. Love you all!

rachel and brady said...

Hi Traci! I was checking out your cute blog today and just wanted to say Hey! I noticed you added us to your list, do you mind if we add you guys? Blogging's such a fun way to keep in touch! You guys look so good by the way! Seems like you're doing well. That's great!

Larvin and Ashley said...

I stumbled on your blog through Marci's and was delighted when I saw that you had our blog on yours. If you don't mind I am going to add yours to mine. You two look like you are doing great.