Wednesday, January 25


Today marks the 6 month mark that Rick Widdison passed from this life.
We miss him.


Sometimes I can't believe that this isn't all just a bad dream.

This is our new life.

and sometimes it just sucks.

We push through and try to figure out how to adjust to it all.

I hate watching my husband mourn the loss of his HERO.

Someone he loved more than (I dare say) ANYONE in this world!

I know his Dad is proud of him.

We miss you Papa Rick.

Saturday, January 7


today I am so thankful for these two.

Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to get these two awesome spirits.

Other times I wonder what I did to deserve the tantrum throwing toddlers they can be.

all of the time I'm thankful for the opportunity I get to be their mommy!!

Friday, January 6

New year

I get down on myself when i realize how bad i am at jounaling my life and my kids lives.
Today I am changing my attitude and doing something about it.
I want to use my time more productively.
I feel like blogging really is something made in this day to be able to keep a journal of our lives.
So here it is....
I'm really going to do it. Let it all out there. Blog, blog, blog!