Sunday, April 20


Sorry that it has been forever since i have posted anything! Life has been kinda crazy lately. I recently decided to take my business home and start doing hair out of my cute salon in my house. I am super excited about it and the first week of working from home was awesome! I seriously love it so much!

Mexico was beautiful. We had a great vacation with the widdison family and are looking forward to the next time we go back there. Here are a few pictures to look at

us being lazy...what we do best in mexico

skylar looks so cute in this pic.. the other people are his sister tasha and our nephew, tanner
this pool water was so warm! It was so nice

all of the girls..tasha, brittanie, kelsie, suzanne, me

the whole group-SO MUCH FUN!!

well, it seems like that was forever ago even though it has not even been a month since we went, but a lot has happened since then. With all of the getting the salon ready to be in business i have been super busy! I will post some pictures of it soon so you can all see!
ok i will try to post more often. see ya!


Amber said...

yeah! It's about time you post something new! I want to hear all about your mexico trip, it looks like you had fun, and I really want to hear about the salon, and how its going. talk to you soon! C/ya

The Gunnerson Family said...

Viva Mexico! That family vacation looks only slightly more exciting than our Gunnerson family trip to Paris, Idaho a couple of years ago!

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

Wow I am so impressed that you have a salon in your house! That will be so nice to be able to work from home:)

rachel and brady said...

Congrats on the new business venture! Good luck. Working from home would be so nice!!

Unknown said...

Yeah! Finally blogging again! Oh..what...too busy having fun in Mexico? Blah blah blah! Just Kidding! I am really jelous!
Love ya sissy!

Unknown said...

O.K, for some reason I can't get the header to work. This has never happened before...I'll fix it later tonight. For now I posted the header I made for you at the bottom of the page so you can see what it will look like once I can get it as a header. What do you think? Love your sissy-Eri

Marleen said...

I would love to take a vacation like that. Just chill and get some sun. Lucky you.

Lindsay said...

Traci! Hey so I decided I better start doing this blog thing... its kinda fun. Your house is beautiful I still need to come and see it. Hope all is going well for you and the new salon! I should be in soon.

Mindy & Steve said...

Yeah she finally posted! We need to get together with you guys some time!

Unknown said...

When did you move business into your house!?!? so are you not at rockwater at all anymore?? I thought I was the only one leaving ... lol. Life is good here in Philly! Hope that everything is going good for you! your a babe!:)