Sunday, March 16

What's Happening

I was just going through some of my pictures and found one of the outside of the house. So, since that has not been posted yet, i thought since you have all seen the inside, i would show you the outside. This is before all of the snow decided to dump on us in Midway, but we have a lot of work to do when the spring comes. It is going to be a muddy mess!

Doesn't that porta potty look great in front of the house? ha ha something kind of funny... Skylar and I just barely got all of our stickers out of the windows just this morning. There is always work to be done around the house and things as simple as that take a couple of months to get to, I guess!

Another thing that i have been so excited about is my little brother Matt to come home. He has been in Brazil on his mission and he comes home on Wednesday! We get to see him on Thursday because of the time it takes to travel here. Can't wait to see him!

Yesterday was my neice Ella's 1st birthday party and she had so much fun. She is going to be a big sister to twins! Kelli, my sister is having the babies in August, I think. So, she is going to have her hands full. Here is Ella a couple of months ago. Happy Birthday!

We are going to St George for Easter weekend with my family. My parents built a house down there this last year and it is definately something i look forward to! It is going to be a good weekend! This is a picture of the house when we went down in January

And one more thing. Mexico here we come. The weekend after we go to St George, we head to Mazatlan, Mexico with Skylar's family. It is spring break while we go down and it is insane! It's going to be fun!

This was in November 07

This is the Inn at Mazatlan-the place we stay

don't those drinks look good?

So, i know this is the longest post ever! But it was fun to get excited about everything! So, here is to Matt, Ella, Mexico and good times ahead!


The Gunnerson Family said...

Ah, do you do posts just to make the rest of us jealous because you have succeeded. LOVE the house. I really need to come see it in person. Even though I am jealous I hope you have a great time in Mexico. Great work on the race. You should be VERY proud of yourself. The first time I was training for a marathon I ran 13 miles during training and said to myself, who is crazy enough to do that again? I stopped training right then. It took 4 more years to work up the guts to finish what I started. I am telling you that if you can do a half marathon you can do a full marathon! I promise. I know how you feel about the old guy passing you. There were all these slightly chubby older women that totally smoked me during the marathon (and old men too!)

Marleen said...

You should have your family make a stop to Vegas so we can see all of you. Have a happy Easter.

Chandice said...

Hey you adorable girl! I have missed hanging out with you. We used to have so much fun as neighbors! How have you been? Your house is beautiful and you are looking so gorgeous and happy! yay!

Richae said...

Hey Traci! I was bored at work and I found your blog so I wanted to say hi. Just so you know I still haven't found a good stylist here and I got the worst haircut a couple months ago! Its barely starting to look normal. I love your house!

Marci and Matt said...

Hey Traci! How are you?? I saw your blog through Richae's I think....You and Skylar look so dang cute together! And congrats on the new house, It's beautiful! Hope everything else is great... tell Skylar hello... My husband still remembers talking to him at Brittany's house a long time ago. They talked about golf! I thought it was funny. Anyway... take care!