Sunday, November 14

a little scare...

So, yesterday i had a little scare with my blog. I typed in the blog address and it said that it no longer existed.
It made me sick.
I don't blog enough.
That doesn't mean it's too late to start.
I think that sometimes i feel like i am not the most computer smart, so i let that hold me back.
I may not have the BEST looking blog out there, and i may not be the best writer, but i know it's important to keep memories.
I already find myself looking back a year ago and loving the memories that we created.
My dad is a man i look up to and he said something today as i was kind of complaining about how hard this stage of life is. He said "Traci, when i am gone and you are my age, you will look back and realize how fast time goes. Enjoy it because it goes too fast." I need to do that more. Take the time to appreciate the good times.
So anyway, i got the whole situation figured out and it was just a problem with my gmail account. It was a wake up call though to keep my thoughts and memories in writing.
I love my little family so much!
I am happy!
My life is good, I am so blessed.
Enjoying the decent november weather we have been having.
Ashlyns favorite chips are cheetos...that explains her messy face

Playing in the fall leaves
Oh man, I love this little guy.