Friday, March 27

Our baby is getting so big!

Ashlyn is such a doll! We just can't even believe how fast time is going though. She was 2 months old a week ago so we went and had her 2 month check up and everything looks great! She is growing like a champ and has doubled her weight! She is 10 lbs and 23 inches now. She did so good when she had to get her shots. She scrame for a minute and then was happy to be held by her daddy. Skylar adores this little girl!!
I thought i would put some new pics so you can all enjoy her chubby cheeks and double chin as much as we do!!

Sunday best!

So serious!

Sweet Girl

ok....seriously! How precious is that face?

A little out of focus, but so happy!

told ya she is getting chubby!!

love her!

ok well off to Mexico we go! Leaving on Sunday so i better be getting ready- see ya

Sunday, March 22

ACN video phone and more!!

Skylar and I are really excited about our new business venture. We have partnered with THE LARGEST telecommunications company in the WORLD! The company is called ACN.

We just got done watching the apprentice which featured ACN and it's own product,


It is such a great product and i am excited to use it in my own life! We purchased one immediately after hearing about it and i am happy to know that my little one will grow up knowing her cousins in Alaska because of technology like this!

We then partnered in the company and are working as a team to build our company together. If anyone is interested in joining our team, becoming our customer, questions about the acn opportunity or anything else please don't hesitate to email me or leave me a message! My email is

There are other things that the company provides

1.cell phone service partnered with verizon, tmobile, sprint, and many more

2. satellite tv (directv, dish)

3. home security with adt

4. digital phone service without the video phone

5 and of course digital phone service with the video phone

Monday, March 2

6 weeks old

I can not believe how quick time goes by! My baby is already 6 weeks old and i am happy that she is growing strong and healthy, but i am also sad that she is growing up! Everyone says soak it all up cause time goes by too fast and it's sooooo true!
Skylar and i have not stopped our usual lifestyle of going going going. After all, it's what we did for 4 years before Ashlyn came! We went to St George 2 weekends in a row. It was a nice change of scenery, but poor little Ashlyn doesn't like being in the car for that long and i can't blame her. Also, it was quite a change to have to stop at some point to feed her, but it worked out fine.
We went to the Jazz game on Saturday night with Ryan and Kelsie and had a great time, but i was way sad to leave Ashlyn. I knew she was in good hands with my mom and dad, but it was crazy to leave her for the first time. It was a great time and i nice relief to just be a couple and have a fun time together!
I am going to start working again tomorrow and i definately have mixed feelings. I am happy to be seeing my awesome clients again, but sad to be taking time away from my baby! Wish me luck.
Mexico is coming up here in about 4 weeks and i am way looking forward to it!
pictures to come soon- can't seem to get them to download