Tuesday, April 29

New Salon!

I know i promised pictures of my new little salon so here it is.

Cute, huh?
The pidicure chair is quite comfy!
It was hard to get a picture of the whole room together so you get two different pictures. I have loved doing hair from home. I am so lucky!

Sunday, April 27

summer here we come

This weekend has been fun, but as always has gone by too fast. It's sunday afternoon and that means Monday is approaching too fast. But guess what the best part about that is?.... i don't dread monday because i wake up and go to my basement to do hair. it's the greatest thing ever! i feel so lucky.

We started out by doing nothing friday night which i guess i should feel lucky that we can sit around and not worry about anything. AT least that's what people with kids always tell me. "Enjoy it while you can!" So that's what we did. Then Saturday we bummed around then finally decided on a plan. Kelsie (Skylar's sister) and i were craving cafe rio (what's new), kelsie saw a dog on ksl that she really wanted and skylar has been looking at bullet bikes on ksl for the last week religiously every day searching. So, there was one on there that i actually saw first and showed it to him and neither of us could stop thinking about it. You have to understand that in the last year we have gone through 3 different bikes, and with the weather warming up skylar could not get his mind off of getting a new one. So, we all decided to go together to Provo/ Salt Lake to look at least and think about it. Well, once we saw the dog, there was no thinking about it. He is so stinking cute and such a good puppy! It makes me want one really bad, but i know that not all puppys are like that! Here he is-his name is Hurley

So that's the dog story, well next came the bullet bike. We pull up to the house and it was over the second that skylar looked at it. Then he rode it and there was no getting him off of it. and he looked really good too. ha ha

So this is his one from last year- good lookin right?

And now-the new and improved
So-that was that- we have a new addition and my husband is obsessed!

he's so cute!

I hope that everyone had a good weekend!

Wednesday, April 23

More pictures of Mexico

Here are some more pics of our trip to mexico. hope you like-

the whole group of us waiting for our ride to go to dinner

just me and sky

just us again

looks a little scarey to me! tanner is enjoying it though. im not so sure james is

our friends little boy fell asleep at a restaurant, so they covered him with napkins! ha ha

Too bad I didn't take more pictures. Maybe when we have kids i will be better about it!

Sunday, April 20


Sorry that it has been forever since i have posted anything! Life has been kinda crazy lately. I recently decided to take my business home and start doing hair out of my cute salon in my house. I am super excited about it and the first week of working from home was awesome! I seriously love it so much!

Mexico was beautiful. We had a great vacation with the widdison family and are looking forward to the next time we go back there. Here are a few pictures to look at

us being lazy...what we do best in mexico

skylar looks so cute in this pic.. the other people are his sister tasha and our nephew, tanner
this pool water was so warm! It was so nice

all of the girls..tasha, brittanie, kelsie, suzanne, me

the whole group-SO MUCH FUN!!

well, it seems like that was forever ago even though it has not even been a month since we went, but a lot has happened since then. With all of the getting the salon ready to be in business i have been super busy! I will post some pictures of it soon so you can all see!
ok i will try to post more often. see ya!