Sunday, July 13

Happy birthday to me!

I had a great birthday this year! It was my 24th birthday on Friday and it was quite the day. Without going into too much detail i will say that after some bad situations the day ended up being great. I got to spend the day with the person i love most and it was great.

During the day we got to go to deer creek and be on the boat for a bit (we ended up having to be towed back to the dock) My friend Brittany and her little girl Bella came along and we had fun.

I wish i would have taken a picture of this, but we went over to my mom and dads house that night and watched a movie outside with a projector and then slept out there. It was so much fun, but so COLD!

I got some awesome gifts! First off, Skylar got me some awesome chairs for my sitting area just outside my salon and i love them!

i got some clothes, and skylar walked in that morning from work with like 15 balloons and a dozen red roses with one yellow rose. He wrote the sweetest card, too cute to not post.

and then at the bottom of the card it said P.S. have fun at the concert! and he whipped these out

Carrie underwood tickets! How fun! I was so surprised! I will be quite pregnant by then, but we will have so much fun! It is November 19! I can't wait to go!

Then his parents stopped by and brought some awesome cakes! Yes, i said cakes. My father in law was in charge of ordering them and got 3! They were so pretty and yummy, but i forgot to take a picture of them:( They also brought my present from them and i love them! There is a theme to this birthday....CHAIRS! I got some chairs for our front patio and they look perfect! My mother in law has great taste!

Thank you to all who made it a great day!