Thursday, February 28

I thought i would post some pics of the house

The Hutch that Skylar created

The kitchen

The kitchen/dining room view from the Great Room

and just opposite of that-the great room viewed from the dining area

The Great Room from the Catwalk

Just thought this setup was good enough for a picture

Great Room from a different angle

The front room (check out skylar's skills on the ceiling!

The Master Bedroom

My beautiful Valenitnes Day flowers!

it's been awhile

Sorry everyone who checks up on what's been going on with Skylar and I lately. I have been quite the slacker on being up to date. Really not a lot has gone on. We were able to go to St. George two weekends ago which was really fun. We went to the Parade of homes and went to a couple movies while we were down there and it was great. The homes are insanely beautiful. It's amazing what some people do with their money. One home in particular was 21,000 square feet! It was AMAZING! a little rediculous, but beautiful!
I can not say enough how excited i am for my brother to come home! My little bro, Matt is going to be home from his mission from Brazil on March 20! I can not believe it and i am so excited!
This coming week we are planning to go to St. George again and i can't wait. I am planning on going running down there 12 miles. I have a 1/2 marathon coming up on March 8 in Moab and i am so nervous! 13 MILES? Are you kidding me? well, i hope i can make it. So, while we are in st george, i am going to try to run 12 miles and see how i do. WISH ME LUCK!

Monday, February 11

Relaxing weekend

This last weekend was also a pretty nice weekend. Nothing like last weekend of going going going, but we had a nice relaxing weekend at home. We were planning on going to St. George, but decided not to at the last minute. We went to the hunting expo in Salt Lake on Saturday (if any of you know me, you would never picture me somewhere like that) but it wasn't bad. Lot's of dead, stuffed animals but it was entertaining. We went with Tyson, Skylar's younger brother and his wife Brittany. Then we went to the Olive Garden and ate. It was yummy! We seriously came home and did nothing the rest of the night but sit and watch TV. I feel like such a lazy butt when i say that, but our DVR recorder is such a great thing! We record all of our favorite shows and i can't stand watching live TV anymore cause the commercials drive me nuts! Ha Ha

We have family night with the Briggs side once a month where we all get together and have dinner and catch up on life and have a lesson. This month it was at our house and it was so much fun! I love my family so much. We had poppyseed chicken and everyone brought a side dish to share! It was Alyvia's birthday yesterday and she turned 4. We had fun just sitting around and the nedxt thing you know Jeff and John went down to my new salon and started cutting away at Jeff's hair. It was so FUNNY! I wouldn't cut it because i didn't have me normal scissors, but they decided they would do it themselves. IT WAS THE WORST HAIRCUT i have ever seen. We ended up just buzzing it all off after but I'm sure you will enjoy the pictures!

Anyway, it's Monday already and a new week begins!

Monday, February 4


So skylar and i had a great weekend! They always seem to go way too fast, but we were able to do some fun things. Saturday came and skylar had to work which was kind of a bummer, but it went quickly so it wasn't too bad. Then Skylar's brother Tyson had decided to move that afternoon. We got in, moved them out and moved them in to their new house all within about two hours! It was seriously awesome. They have only been married for about 5 months so they didn't have too much stuff accumulated. They actually moved in the house next to ours. It's now officially Widdison circle. So we came home and got some things packed to go down to salt lake. We had it planned to go to The Roof restaurant in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and then to stay at the Hotel Monaco. It was such a fun time! We had a great dinner and had fun being away from home for the weekend! We ate breakfast at the Bambara, where Lisa works, and it was so yummy! We were able to sit and talk to her for awhile and skylar decided we better head home cause his sister had sent him a text and picture message of the weather in Midway and it looked crazy! She said it had snowed about 2 feet! So, we headed up the canyon and it literally was snow, no clouds, and than BAM! The storm just came! It was insane. The roads were completely covered and cars were sliding off the road left and right. took us awhile to get home, but we made it! Skylar loves driving in the snow so i guess that's a good thing.

Yesterday we went to his parents house for the super bowl and it was lots of fun! I can't believe the Giants won! But, it was a great weekend filled with moving, lots of snow, and lots of food!