Wednesday, September 10

Sophie's blessing

This post is for my sisters who live in alaska that don't get to participate in the family events. I hope these pictures help you feel a part of what's been going on.

Sophie's blessing was on sunday and she looked so beautiful! Marci made her dress and it turned out great. Ryan also did a great job on the blessing and we were all able to get together at Ryan and Marci's house afterward for some breakfast.

Kelli came over to the house later with her twins, Dean and Elysee. They were 2 1/2 weeks old in the pictures. She has got her hands full! Ella was not even there and i don't know how she keeps up with it all. She is a great mom.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

The star of the show, Sophie loafie! She is a little angel

Annabelle, Harman, and baby Soph

Annabelle adores her baby sister

Elysee getting burped by me..isn't she precious?

This is what the family looks like minus like half of us! We miss you guys!

The 3 babies. Only a month apart and look how much bigger Sophie is

Sweet little Elysee again


Kelli said...

Cute post! I'm glad you posted those pictures!!!

Dean and Rachel said...

Look at all of those CUTE babies. By the way...are you showing yet? I want to see a picture of you!