Wednesday, September 17


WOW! Life sure sends some things your way when you're just living comfortably doesn't it? I just need to vent and i guess a blog is as good as anything to get some things off your chest!
Things could have been a lot worse, but let me just say that we found a big mess in our basement yesterday. Somehow, in our house that's not even a year old yet, there has been a flood! A real and not so small flood has made our basement go from comfy and not often used by us to me feeling like i am starting all over with this building process. Although now, we actually live in the house upstairs and dust is already starting to invade! I have to say though that i am very lucky it did not affect my home salon, but it's not the prettiest thing to walk in to for my clients!
The water sat since Sunday. (Don't ask me how i didn't notice it on Monday, but i guess with shoes on and it being a little dry already, i just didn't notice)
So now, all the carpet is gone, base boards are off and dry wall is off about half way up the wall. Yep, it looks like we are starting over! It seriously is such a mess and i can't believe it. I just have to keep telling myself that it could be worse! It could have afftected my salon and i would have some unhappy clients and it could have happened when i was a lot further along and many other things that could make it worse!
So-that's it-I just had to vent about it for a minute-i already feel a little better :)
I'll get some pictures up later for you all to see.


Kelli said...

What?!? That sucks. I'm so sorry T-da.

Amber said...

OH THATS TERRIBLE ! SORRY CHICA! Hope you feel alittle better....= (