Thursday, September 18

Pics about the last post

So nothing really exciting-just a basement torn apart-Can you believe water can do this to a house? It's crazy!

My waiting area for my salon doesn't really exist anymore

Things could have been worse! That's what i keep telling myself


Unknown said...

Traci Traci Traci...Is this your evil plan to get new carpet? He he. Ok, I guess it's NOT funny! The same thing happened to us, the week after we got Hunter's room finished, new carpet and everything. We had to re-do all the carpet, and sheet rock. Boo! I'm just thankful we noticed it when we did, or we would have had a whole basement full. I'm so sorry this happened!

Amber said...

IM SO SORRY!! and p.s. we are having a Halloween Party at my house on October 18th....just wanted to make sure you save the date, so you can make sure you come! lol. It's gonna be lots of fun, I'll send out Invites soon!

Lindsay said...

Oh trac im sorry. I hope its not to much to fix all that. Let us know if you need any help!