Thursday, February 28

it's been awhile

Sorry everyone who checks up on what's been going on with Skylar and I lately. I have been quite the slacker on being up to date. Really not a lot has gone on. We were able to go to St. George two weekends ago which was really fun. We went to the Parade of homes and went to a couple movies while we were down there and it was great. The homes are insanely beautiful. It's amazing what some people do with their money. One home in particular was 21,000 square feet! It was AMAZING! a little rediculous, but beautiful!
I can not say enough how excited i am for my brother to come home! My little bro, Matt is going to be home from his mission from Brazil on March 20! I can not believe it and i am so excited!
This coming week we are planning to go to St. George again and i can't wait. I am planning on going running down there 12 miles. I have a 1/2 marathon coming up on March 8 in Moab and i am so nervous! 13 MILES? Are you kidding me? well, i hope i can make it. So, while we are in st george, i am going to try to run 12 miles and see how i do. WISH ME LUCK!


Sky, Jausi, Capree, Cash, & Charly said...

Your house is beautiful!

Jadi said...

I am so in LOVE with your house! You also have great taste. I love how you have decorated it.
I had no idea Matt was so close to coming home. Thanks for sharing the news!