Monday, July 18

Here we are...July, 2011! Just got the internet back after not having it for about 2-3 months. I have missed looking at blogs. It has also made me realize how many things i would like to write down, but when the internet was down i couldn't. for instance-
last night while driving home from provo, Ashlyn was being so good putting on her new lip gloss we had just bought her.
I turned around and said "Ashlyn, you are so GORGEOUS!!"
beaming she says "ya mom, I cute!" (or so i thought that was what she said"
then i say, "OH! yesss, you're cute."
in a softer tone she then said "no mom, like you! I gorgeous like you!!!"
ok, my heart melted right there and i started to get a little teary.
"Mommy, don't cry. I'm sorry..."
I want to remember these things! I don't want to let life get too busy and forget the little things.
Treyden is a lot of fun right now. He is beginning to like to get a rise out of his sister and he lives for it. A typical brother, right?
That is all for now.
Life is good

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Knight Bliss said...

What a cute cute story! So glad that you are back, I love to see your cute family grow!