Monday, March 7

Birthday Boy!

This cute little boy had his 1st birthday on Saturday.
We had so much fun with family that came to celebrate with us!
Cookie monster was the theme. We had cookie monster cupcakes, cake and shirts that Skylar and I wore.
Treyden is such a joy. I really feel so lucky to have such a sweet boy come into my family.
He is crawling all over the place right now. Starting to stand a little on his own. Walks along the furniture. Loves going up the stairs.
He is such a momma's boy right now. He just wants me to hold him all the time. If I am not holding him then he want me by him.
He says Ashlyn when I tell him to. Not clearly, but he gives it good effort.
He is such a bright spot in our lives!
Happy Birthday Treyden Buddy!
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The Henry's said...

I can't believe he is one! This last year has flown by! His party was so cute, loved the cookie monster theme! :)