Sunday, November 14

a little scare...

So, yesterday i had a little scare with my blog. I typed in the blog address and it said that it no longer existed.
It made me sick.
I don't blog enough.
That doesn't mean it's too late to start.
I think that sometimes i feel like i am not the most computer smart, so i let that hold me back.
I may not have the BEST looking blog out there, and i may not be the best writer, but i know it's important to keep memories.
I already find myself looking back a year ago and loving the memories that we created.
My dad is a man i look up to and he said something today as i was kind of complaining about how hard this stage of life is. He said "Traci, when i am gone and you are my age, you will look back and realize how fast time goes. Enjoy it because it goes too fast." I need to do that more. Take the time to appreciate the good times.
So anyway, i got the whole situation figured out and it was just a problem with my gmail account. It was a wake up call though to keep my thoughts and memories in writing.
I love my little family so much!
I am happy!
My life is good, I am so blessed.
Enjoying the decent november weather we have been having.
Ashlyns favorite chips are cheetos...that explains her messy face

Playing in the fall leaves
Oh man, I love this little guy.


Amber said...

scary...that would suck if everything was gone from your blog, or anyones blog for that matter. Glad your going to start blogging again. My blog is pretty boring these days, I need to get with it. Anyways- hope all is well! Love the new pics of the kiddies. they are soo cute!

Ty and Mari said...

your kids are cute! I agree with you! This stage is hard, but oh so worth it!

AmberLou said...

cute pictures! i always love it when you post... it is so fun to see your cute kids and what you are up to. i love what your cute dad said... and it is so true! my little guy is already 4 months and rolling over. i miss you and hope you are doing well! love ya!

Dean and Rachel said...

It's so true! I need to enjoy more as well. Why is it so hard to just enjoy and not worry about the messy house, or the laundry or all of the things that stress us out. Or that I'm still sitting in my pj's right now:) See you tomorrow!!!

Mindy & Steve said...

Your kids are so cute! They look just like you! :) I have thought the same thing and have been meaning to have my blog printed as a book but always forget. I think it would be fun to have forever!