Friday, March 27

Our baby is getting so big!

Ashlyn is such a doll! We just can't even believe how fast time is going though. She was 2 months old a week ago so we went and had her 2 month check up and everything looks great! She is growing like a champ and has doubled her weight! She is 10 lbs and 23 inches now. She did so good when she had to get her shots. She scrame for a minute and then was happy to be held by her daddy. Skylar adores this little girl!!
I thought i would put some new pics so you can all enjoy her chubby cheeks and double chin as much as we do!!

Sunday best!

So serious!

Sweet Girl

ok....seriously! How precious is that face?

A little out of focus, but so happy!

told ya she is getting chubby!!

love her!

ok well off to Mexico we go! Leaving on Sunday so i better be getting ready- see ya


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

She's gorgeous!!! And she looks so much like you Traci! :)

Jadi said...

She is adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Have fun in Mexico!

Dean and Rachel said...

She has totally changed...she was so cute before and is even cuter now. I love her! She is beautiful.

Amber said...


Kelli said...

Ha!! I can't believe how much she looks like your baby pictures (especially in the pink outfit). She looks so different since the last time I saw her (only a couple of weeks ago)!

Davis and co. said...

The third picture down is the spitting image of you. I love it. Then I look at more pictures and she looks just like Skylar. Thanks for letting me see my Ashlyn, I love her chub!!

Vicki said...

She's a cutie!!!