Sunday, February 15


Wow, i have not posted on here in a long time! Skylar has been awesome at keeping you all updated! There are some cute pictures that i have been wanting to put up so here we go...

this is Ashlyn and her cousins-
Sophie(6 months) and twins Dean and Elysee (5 months)
I'm sure this picture will be a favorite for a long time!

Sweetest thing ever!
There is nothing like the bond between a daddy and his daughter!
she adores him and he adores her!

I love pictures of her sleeping!
she looks like such a little angel!

She is changing so much every day!
I feel like she only wears an outfit once or twice and grows out of it!
We bought wayyyyyy too many clothes

She is such an alert baby when she is awake.
She loves to just look around and make lots of sweet baby noises.
I can not believe how fast time goes. She will be 4 weeks old tomorrow:( In a way it makes me sad to see her changing so fast, but i also look forward to the fun, cute new things she is going to start to do! I can't wait for her to smile in response to skylar and my voices! she smiles, but it's usually when she is sleeping.
Anyway, life as a new mom is the most rewarding, wonderful thing i have ever experienced. i love her more than i ever imagined and i love skylar more because of her! He is such a great dad and partner to me! Thanks babe!


Davis and co. said...

Yeah I love all the pics!! All the baby cousins are so cute. I was thinking how I wish Ainsley could be in the picture but then again she would probably start poking eyes. I think Ashlyn looks just like you, Traci, when you were a baby. I haven't seen a picture of Sophie since the fall she is so big!!! Love you...

Unknown said...

I know being a mommy is the greatest! Your little girl is so cute, and those pictures are adorable how old was she when you had them done? It is just crazy how fast time flies once they are here though. :)

Jadi said...

It is so much fun being a mom. I love it too! Ashyln is soooo cute! I love the cousin picture.

AmberLou said...

I love all your cute new pics. Not to mention the absoutely adorable pics that Skye Johansen took! (I saw them on Erika's blog) They are so beautiful!!! Ashlyn is such a doll! It is so fun to watch them grow and start to smile at you and laugh at you and learn new things each day. You will be so glad you got those cute pictures taken by Skye... they will always be so much fun to look back on. I love the one with Skylar where Ashlyn is smiling! :) I wish I had gotten some like that when Brooklyn was that small... I may still try now that she is older... she may just have to be awake. I'm so glad things are going well for your cute little family. We will have to get together sometime when I come down. I love you and miss you Tray!!!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Look at all those Briggsy babies!!! She is such a doll!!! What a beauty!!!

summer anderson said...

She is so adorable. What a sweet picture of her and Skylar. That was a great moment to catch!

Chandice said...

YaY! I'm so glad you are posting again. She is adorable!