Thursday, October 9


I saw this tag on my friends page and decided to try it-

You go to your my pictures and go to the 4th foulder and click on the 4th picture
Now describe what it is.
So, i decided to see what the picture is and here it is

All i know is that we are driving in my car to who knows where to and it was the summer of 2006.
Now i tag anyone who want to do it!


Haylee said...

Traci!! I decided to just look and see what our 4th and 4th picture would be, and guess what!!? It was YOU and SKYLAR!! ha ha!! I thought that was funny! We actually have a lot of cute pictures of you two in that file. If you want to send me your email address I will email you the pics! (

Kevin and Andrea said...

Um so just for curiosity sake I did this, and all I have to say is I am NOT showing this picture! I am giving birth! I mean who really wants to see that? Anyways, I think I may have gotten your e-mail wrong when I went private. Will you re-send it to me? Thanks!

summer anderson said...

Traci, your belly pics are so cute. You look darling pregnant! Isn't it so neat to feel your baby growing and moving?! Congratulations!

Allie said...

Hey you hot little soon to be mommy! Hehe!
I actually have a blog now! *Gulp

Chandice said...

Hey Traci! Hey I need your e-mail address to give my mom for the baby shower invite. We are trying to do as many eco-friendly as possible through e-mail. Thanks and I hope I get to see my long lost friend! :)