Saturday, August 9

I know, it has been way too long!

Hi everybody! I promise, i am still alive and doing well! I guess that the only excuse i have for not being up to date is that i have been busy having fun this summer.

We have not done any true vacationing, but have had some fun little weekend trips. It was so great to have my sister erika and her little family here from Alaska, but they are gone now and it's sad:(

Since i last posted, i have had a niece born to my brother Ryan and Marci. They named her sophie. And i had a nephew born, Keegan, to Skylar's little sister Kelsie. Babies are so precious, but they grow too fast! My sister Kelli is about ready to pop being pregnant with twins. She looks so great though! I can't believe that she has 2 babies in her belly.

I am doing well in my pregnancy. I am 14 weeks along tomorrow and things seem to be going well. I have a dr. appointment tomorrow and i can't wait to hear the heartbeat again! Sickness is still lingering around, but my magic pills (Zofran) has been just that, MAGIC! They make me feel so much better and i feel really lucky that i was able to take them.

We went to lava hot springs in idaho for a family reunion last weekend and had a lot of fun floating down the river.
I can't think of anything else for now, but now you are all caught up, kind of.

MY cute niece Addi Guymon and I on the 4th of July

My very new (2 days old in this picture) niece, Sophie Briggs

My nephew, Tanner Peacock
and I just chillin in the golf cart

Skylar is going to be such a great dad! Here he is playing with Briggs while Addi fights for his attention!


Adam and Jenica said...

I haven't talk to you in forever, but I stumbled onto your blog and it is so cute, you guys are such a cute family and I am so excited for you to have a baby that is awesome.

Sky, Jausi, Capree, Cash, & Charly said...

Just got your comment! We actually went to Fetal Studios in South Jordan. My sister in laws have gone there with there kids and it was a really awesome experience! My doctor will let me find out at 16 weeks, but our next apt isn't until 18 weeks and we couldn't wait that long! lol It only cost $50 for the package we got.. Which gives you a disk of all your pics taken on the ultrasound as well as a DVD of the ultrasound and of course, the gender test! They also check the heartbeat and measure the baby.. It's an OB/GYN who does it so I trusted it a little more.. It was the coolest thing! My parents and Sky's mom was able to come and sit and watch the whole thing and hear the heartbeat on a big screen.. so if ya' want the number let me know! It was a really awesome experience! How are you feeling? Have you felt the baby yet? your only like a week behind me right? Hope all is good!

Dean and Rachel said...

I love nieces and nephews. How many do you have now?
Sounds like you have had a fun summer. It has been too short for me.
By the way...when do you find out what you're having?

Jadi said...

It sounds like you have been enjoying the summer. I LOVE your new layout! It is soooo cute!!!

Amelie Photography said...

Thanks! I am 19 weeks tomorrow! Almost half way! We get to find out what we are having in a week and half. I can't wait! I've been going crazy not know what we are having. How are you feeling now. Has the morning sickness gone away yet?