Saturday, May 10

My Cute Nieces!

I just got back from New York with the Widdison girls and i have never had so much fun! I have to blog about it when i get some pictures from my sisters, but i just have to say that it is AMAZING there! I didn't think i would like it that much to be honest, but i was so wrong! I loved loved loved it! All of it! But especially the broadway musical WICKED! It was seriously as good as you hear it is! I can't stop singing the songs in my head. and the make-up store SEPHORA is my favorite. It is open til midnight every night! Purse shopping in Chinatown was great as well! I bought 6purses that are adorable.

MY sister and her 2 daughters came up and they are so awesome! I can not get enough of them. Here they are. Alyvia is 4 years old. Ainsley is 5 months.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Don't you love NYC? I miss it so much. I am glad that you had a good time there. Sephora is pretty cool..isn't it?